Pre & Post Care 


  • You MUST shave 24 Hours before your appointment - it will not be possible to undertake treatment unless you have achieved a clean shave, with the hair below the surface of the skin. 

  • Wear loose clothing to your appointment, tight fitting clothing may cause irritation and redness after treatment

  • No deodorant, lotions or products on the skin on the day of your appointment

  • Do not wear any make-up or skincare products if you’re having laser treatment on the face

  • Do not use any oil-based products 24 hours before your treatment

  • Stop using Roaccutane 6 months prior to laser treatment

  • Avoid sun exposure/sun beds 10 days prior to laser treatment

  • Avoid any self-tan 10 days before treatment

  • Avoid photosensitive medication for 1 week prior to treatment

  • Inform staff of any medical changes or if there’s any chance you could be pregnant


  • Do not undertake any activity that creates heat - such as exercise, sauna, steam room, pool, jacuzzi, hot baths and showers etc

  • Apply aloe vera gel for at least 48 hours after treatment 

  • Avoid sun exposure/sun beds for 10 days after treatment 

  • Avoid self-tan for 10 days after treatment

  • Do not use any other method of hair removal except shaving - no plucking, waxing, threading or epilating as the hairs need to be present in the follicle

  • Continue shaving between sessions